Traumatic Effects of Families being Separated

The images and the news reports that are currently filling the airwaves are disturbing and painful to those who care and about the well being of children and their families.  The damage being done can and will last for generations and a terrible price will be paid by all.  

As a social worker, trauma therapist  and human being I am appalled at the actions of the US Government at the border.  It is a topic of deep concern to those who sit with me in therapy daily. 

I am gratified to see that the professional organizations that I belong to have come out with strong statements about this issue.  The National Association of Social Workers in their blog have identified numerous ways that one can volunteer and actively oppose this appalling practice of removing children from their families.

The EMDR International Association has also come out with a strong statement saying

"forced separation of parents and children, or of families more generally, is an inhumane treatment that by definition inflicts trauma on individuals --especially children--who experience it. As a public health matter, we find the practice to be inexcusable and un acceptable."

Trauma Recovery EMDR HAP is launching an effort to be supportive to those who will be reaching out and working with these families.



Peggy Moore