One of my favorite radio programs is This American Life on NPR. It comes on here on Sunday afternoons and I make an effort to be somewhere where I can hear it. During the week proceeding the broadcast the statuion runs ads promoting the upcoming program. Last week I was intrigued as the promo talked about the new type of therapy that can completely resolve long standing issues in just 10-12 sessions. I was excited. Is this about EMDR?

Well, it turns out it was about CPT and as I listened I noticed that all my prejudices about other types of therapy came right up to the surface. Now, it was a complelling story told by a reporter who had the courage to record all of her 10 CPT sessions with her therapist. She was able to resolve a 30 year old traumatic memory of a sexual assault that occurred when she was 13. It was impressive and heart warming. My problem was that I kept saying to myself, we could have done the same thing in less time and with no homework and less trauma in-between.

There’s nothing wrong with CPT, I just think that adding EMDR to the mix would make it even better.

As an aside, we all have prejudices and dark thoughts about others, to deny it is dishonest It’s how we act on those thoughts and how we work towards resolution with others that makes the difference in our lives and in the lives of others.

Peggy Moore